Prophecy Update 2018-01-07

Sunday, 07 January 2018

-For today’s prophecy update, I want to talk about the prophetic significance of the ongoing protests that are taking place in Iran. -It’s my belief that there are three prophetic implications as a result of the protests, the first of which is Iranians coming to Christ. -The second and third sort of tie together concerning the fate of the Iran nuclear deal, and the urgency for both Iran and Russia.

I’ll start with this Times of Israel article on Friday about how Iran is blaming Israel as being backed by the CIA in plotting these protests. In it they say, “Iran …directly blamed a CIA official and Israeli Mossad backing for a week of protests calling for the overthrow of the Islamic Republic …The Trump administration has denied having any hand in the protests, and the CIA declined to comment. … The Associated Press is not publishing identifying details about the CIA official because the official may be an agent of its clandestine service. A senior Trump administration official on Wednesday disputed the notion that the US played any role in the protests, saying it had not expected them to occur. “The protests were entirely spontaneously generated,” said the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss intelligence matters. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has offered vocal backing to the protesters but dismissed claims of Israeli involvement as “laughable,” earlier this week.

I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised that in addition to Iran blaming the US, that Russia would warn and even threaten the US subsequent to the US calling an emergency meeting at the UN Security Council to show support for Iran’s anti-government protesters. According to Ynet News, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said …that US calls for an extraordinary meeting of the UN Security Council to discuss the turmoil in Iran interfere with the country's sovereignty …The deputy minister added that Tehran's statements that external influences fomented the protests were not groundless and that the United States uses any possible method to destabilize governments it dislikes.,7340,L-5066903,00.html

It’s important to understand at stake here is the fate of the Iranian nuclear deal, which the protests now potentially pose a threat to. The Times of Israel published an article about how the protests could either be a death blow or the saving grace to the tottering nuke deal. Quoting the times, “Experts disagree on whether the unrest provides an opportunity to clamp down on the regime by doing away with the pact, or whether the deal is more important now than ever. …The depth and breadth of popular Iranian anger have taken the West by surprise, nowhere more so than in Washington, where the focus on Iran since Donald Trump assumed the presidency has been on whether he would preserve the 2015 nuclear deal. Until December 28, this was the calculus: Would Trump kill the agreement or be content with dismissing it as “the worst deal” in history? The deal forged between Iran and six major powers trades sanctions relief for a rollback of Iran’s nuclear program. Now the question is whether Trump sees the demonstrations and their repression by Tehran as an additional spur — or even the last straw — that would convince him to pull the United States out of the pact.

While the jury may still be out on the nuclear deal, the verdict is in concerning Iranians coming to Christ by the millions. I would suggest that this isn’t in spite of the Islamic Iranian regime, as much as it is because of it. I found a most interesting article published in The Christian Post. Here’s some of what it had to say, “When former Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad first took power, he said he was going to declare war on Christianity, specifically the house churches across the nation, he explained. "One of the reasons for this is that even then in 2005 reports were beginning to emerge that there were potentially as many as several million converts to Christianity and there were house churches set up inside the Revolutionary Guard," the nation's security force. Ken Timmerman, president and CEO of the Foundation for Democracy in Iran thinks that it is true and he has personally spoken to Iranian evangelical Christian leaders, some of whom are former Muslims. The house church movement is broad-based and widespread, he noted, and though they are persecuted the regime has not been very successful at cracking down on them. And if house churches are indeed inside the Revolutionary Guard, it will likely affect how those people are going to respond, and what kind of orders they are going to give to their troops during these protests, he said. "My suspicion is given that they are faithful Christians that they are not going to be telling their troops to open fire [on the protesters]." "And so you could have an acceleration of the protest by people acting not just out of a desire for freedom but out of their Christian faith," Timmerman said, likening the Iranian house church movement to a "force multiplier without being part of a political movement." Messianic Jewish scholar and host of the The Line of Fire Michael Brown wrote earlier this week that he believes that massive conversions of Muslims to Christianity is one of the best kept secrets in the world, something he believes is playing a vital role in the rising discontent. Brown's sources have reportedly told him that "it is only a matter of time before the number of those conversions reaches a critical mass and allows these new believers to emerge from the underground into the public eye."

-Here’s what all of this means to us as we begin a new year, everything we’re told would happen in the Bible is now happening. -At the risk of an oversimplification, we are witnessing specific and detailed prophecies in the Bible beginning to come to pass. -If you’ve never called upon the name of the Lord to be saved, I would like to share the good news of Salvation in Jesus Christ.

The ABC’s of Salvation – The A is for Admit you’re a sinner, (Romans 3:23). The B is for Believe, (Romans 10:9-10). The C is for Call, (Romans 10:9-10 13).

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