Prophecy Update 2012-05-06

Thursday, 03 May 2012

-For today’s prophecy update I want to talk about something that happened on Tuesday of this last week, as some of you may already be aware. -What I’m speaking of is President Obama’s secret trip to Afghanistan to sign a strategic peace agreement with Afghan President Hamid Karzai. -It’s not so much that the U.S. President did this, it’s what he said about why he did this that I found rather profound in it’s prophetic implications.

Allow me to quote from the Daily Beast’s article on Tuesday, May 1st, with the headline “Secret and Strategic, Obama Lands in Afghanistan.” Here is an excerpt: …"I’ve come to Afghanistan to mark a historic moment for our two nations, and to do so on Afghan soil," Obama said at the ceremony after signing the agreement. "I’m here to affirm the bonds between our countries, to thank American and Afghans who have sacrificed so much over these last 10 years, and to look forward to a future of peace and security and greater prosperity for our nations."

-It’s interesting to note that we had just talked about this in our prophecy update last week as it relates to a seemingly insatiable quest for peace. -What I find so interesting about this in terms of its prophetic implications, is that it’s exactly what we’re told will happen right before the rapture. -Namely that in the worlds push for peace they would say two specific words, peace and security, then, sudden destruction would come on them.

1 Thessalonians 5:3 RSV When people say, "There is peace and security," then sudden destruction will come upon them as travail comes upon a woman with child, and there will be no escape.

-Every so often, I’ll Google “Peace and Security,” and when I did it again yesterday, in preparation for today, it gave me about 17,700 results. -At this time, I’d like to take the time to share with you all 17,700 articles! Actually, I’ll just go through four, all of which were yesterday, Saturday.

Saturday, May 5th, 2012 – The Daily News & Analysis -UNSC needs to concentrate on global peace and security: India -…India has said it is important that the top body concentrate its time and efforts in dealing with issues of global peace and security rather than encroach upon the mandate of the General Assembly. …"The Council should concentrate its time and efforts on dealing with issues concerning its primary responsibility of international peace and security as mandated by the UN Charter…

Saturday, May 5th, 2012 – The Saturday Nation -UN threatens warring Sudans with sanctions as peace proves elusive – “After a flurry of activities involving different organizations – from the African Union to the United Nations Peace and Security Council – last week ushered in a glimmer of hope that long-elusive peace will finally return to Sudan.

Saturday, May 5th, 2012 – The Vanguard -Terrorist attacks in Nigeria, Afghanistan, others threat to int’l peace – Ban -“Terrorist organizations continue to look for new havens, adopt new tactics and seek new targets,” he told the Security Council, during its debate on threats to international peace and security caused by terrorist acts.

Saturday, May 5th, 2012 – The New Straits Times -A fresh start to peace in Philippines' troubled south -WITH efforts to pursue peace and security in the troubled Mindanao region failing to achieve the desired results, …"This is a major endeavor to link development with peace and security … to promote greater stability all across Mindanao, as a precursor to spurring more economic activities," …Efforts to address peace and security …would certainly receive the support of the private sector who also want to see recurring issues of peace and security in Mindanao being addressed in an island-wide fashion.

-Here’s what I’m thinking, this may be the “last call” as it were, before the rapture, in the twinkling of an eye, happens suddenly without warning. -In other words, it’s certainly a plausible scenario that nothing cataclysmic happens before the rapture happens, and there are no more warnings. -If that’s the case, and it could very well be, then the next thing to happen globally is this sudden destruction as a pregnant woman’s labor pains.

-Notice that the Apostle Paul says that they will not escape. He doesn’t say that “we” will not escape. Later he says we who are alive and remain. -The reason this is so significant is that it indicates the rapture happens while they say, “peace and security,” and before the sudden destruction. -I suppose you could say that they become bookends on the rapture, which is why the Apostle Paul says it this way in the context of the rapture.

-Perhaps it goes without saying, but along with the United Nations “Peace and Security” website, everywhere you turn you hear these two words. -I have been following this particular prophecy from back in the 90’s when Benjamin Netanyahu was the Prime Minister of Israel the first time. -Actually, I have the quotes from a press conference with both Netanyahu and then President Bill Clinton in which they say this several times.

-That was about 15 years ago, but they’ve been saying peace and security for years before that, and it has been increasing in how often it’s said. -Here’s what I’m thinking, since the Apostle likens this to birth pains, then it would stand to reason that the frequency of it would increase as well. -Now, having said that let me ask this; “could it be that for all these years of “saying peace and security” has finally reached its zenith? I think so!

-Here’s how I get there, just like you can’t stop the birth pains and put them on hold, so too is this true with people saying peace and security. -As Thomas Ice once said; “it’s like someone pushed the fast forward button on Bible Prophecy because everything is now moving so quickly. -I’m keenly aware that there are those who would still beg to differ not only with the swiftness of everything happening but, with the rapture itself.

Last week, I happened upon an article by Dave Hunt of the Berean Call who offers yet another reason why the rapture has to happen before the seven year tribulation. Here’s what he had to say; “A pretrib Rapture is necessary because the Antichrist will be given authority by God "to make war with the saints, and to overcome them" (Rev:13:7). Such a fate could not befall the church, for Christ said that the "gates of hell shall not prevail against it" (Mat:16:18). Moreover, true Christians have authority and power to "resist the devil" and "he will flee" (James:4:7), for "greater is he that is in [us], than he that is in the world" (1 Jn:4:4). So the fact that Antichrist is given power by God "to make war with the saints and to overcome [i.e., kill] them" is proof that the true church is no longer present.”